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UK Sunday Times highlights weddings at the Neon Museum

sunday times logo uk"In Sin City, you can get married underwater, in a diner or by Elvis. Jamie Lafferty and his fiancée did it in a scrapyard. Who said romance was dead?"

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Thrillist: What to do in Downtown Las Vegas right now

thrillist logoApril 2014 - Thrillist features the Las Vegas Neon Museum in the article, "Skip the Strip: What to do in Downtown Vegas Right Now."

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Quantas The Australian Way Magazine

qantas logoThe Las Vegas Neon Museum was featured in the article "One Perfect Day in Las Vegas" in Quantas Airlines' in-flight magazine. 

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Neon Museum featured in KNPR's Desert Companion Magazine

April, 2014 - "When people close their eyes and think of Las Vegas, their mind may light on a chilled cocktail, a statuesque showgirl, a pair of tumbling dice - but the background is always neon. Luminous streaks and flourishes of red and blue, canary and emerald, cerulean and magenta flashing and fading against a velvet-dark background."

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Neon Museum featured in Yahoo Travel's What to do in Las Vegas slideshow

yahoo travel logoApril, 2014

"For years, the most iconic Vegas neon signs have been relegated to the so-called Neon Boneyard, where you must book tours two weeks in advance to ogle the historic goods."

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Best Place to Take First-Time Visitors: Neon Museum

Vegas 7
July 25th, 2013

The massive pieces of glass-and-metal art at the Neon Museum are very nearly as impressive in retirement as they were in life, and they are presented with the full reverence due such pop masterworks. The docents leading the tour groups know the full history of the signs—the hotels they represented, the artists who designed them and the time period that they existed in—but they don’t have a set script. As a result, you could take the Neon Museum tour a dozen times and learn something new each time you do it, which helps make up for all those times you have to play Vegas host.

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Become Vegas expert by checking out these must-see attractions

July 17, 2013

Using very unscientific methodology, we put together a list of five attractions that visitors should see when they’re in Las Vegas.

1. Neon Boneyard at the Neon Museum: It makes us a little sad to see all those neon signs laying in a desert lot because it means some really cool places are gone. But seeing these pieces of Las Vegas history in one spot is a real treat for history buffs. The former lobby of La Concha, a famous shell-shaped motel, serves as the museum’s visitors’ center. 

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Las Vegas' Newest Must-See Attraction

Larry Olmsted, Contributor |
June 21, 2013

Neon Museum Image of Boneyard"...after a recent visit to take an in-depth look at all these happenings and all that Downtown now has to offer, my favorite attraction was also the kitschiest, The Neon Museum. I consider it a must-see, especially for Vegas fans, repeat visitors, or anyone curious about the city’s very colorful history. If you think you know Vegas, you might come here and be surprised."

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Moulin Rouge's brief, shining moment to shine once more

May 19, 2013

For an all too brief time, the Moulin Rouge was an integrated oasis in a segregated Las Vegas.

It catered to an interracial crowd in which black and white patrons gambled and watched shows side by side and where black entertainers played to mixed audiences during a time when even black headliners at Strip resorts were forced to room elsewhere.

On Thursday, the life and times of the Moulin Rouge will be explored during a panel discussion sponsored by the Neon Museum.

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Neon Museum on the Today Show

The Today Show
May 19, 2013

Watch the Neon Museum on the Today Show!

Neon Museum on A&E

A&E Network
February 5, 2013

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Las Vegas tourism beyond the Strip

CBS News
March 1, 2013

Las Vegas' tourism economy has rebounded since the recession, but these days the big draw for tourists isn't necessarily gambling. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg shares the latest attractions in Las Vegas, from digging in the dirt to car racing.

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'Best of Las Vegas' awards reveal the winners

March 27, 2013

The readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal have spoken.

For museums, readers fingered The Mob Museum. The paper picked the Neon Museum

And for 2013, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has toppled longtime winner Bellagio in the Strip hotel category of "The Best of Las Vegas" readers' choice awards. Maybe those ubiquitous, attention-grabbing "just the right amount of wrong" TV ads helped, the paper speculates.

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10 Coolest Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Las Vegas

March 13, 2013

People who criticize Las Vegas for a lack of cultural attractions have missed the recent opening of several excellent and significant museums, including the instantly popular 2012 "Mob Museum," officially The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, and the brand new $55 million Discovery Children's Museum - across the street from the new $470 million Smith Center for the Performing Arts and 61-acre Symphony Park. The funkiest of all is the kitschy but very cool downtown Neon Museum (2012), an outdoor walk-through collection laid out like an artful junkyard, connected with walking paths, steps and ramps to showcase the city's neon legacy.

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Cupid drawing back his bow all over Sin City

LA Times
February 6, 2013

This Valentine's Day, a variety of special events in Las Vegas will cater to couples, but singles can mingle (in search of that special someone) at activities created just for them. And, on what’s the busiest day of the year for marriages in the world’s wedding capital, there’s the chance to ditch the chapels and get hitched amid Sin City’s historic neon.

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