Wanted: Your help to preserve Neon Boneyard collection!

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Donors to the Sign Conservation Fund can take pride in knowing their gifts help the restoration, rehabilitation and preservation efforts that maintain the iconic treasures in the Neon Museum. 

The Museum takes great care to determine the best way to maintain each sign’s integrity while not losing the artifact’s original message. Sign conservation strategies vary depending on the need of a particular piece. The Museum always uses qualified experts in their field to perform all needed conservation projects. Here are three levels of conservation efforts that you can influence: 

  • Full Restoration returns the sign to its original state as much as possible. Fully restoring a sign is costly since it requires updating the electrical components and all neon tubing or glass bulbs. A fully restored sign glimmers and glows in all its original glory. 
  • Rehabilitation involves resurfacing or repainting the sign’s coloring and topography. Rehabilitation does not include electrical work and is more manageable than a full restoration project. 
  • Preservation strategies strive to prevent further sun and wind damage to the sign on the outside and remove debilitating debris that could damage the sign from the inside. The entire collection benefits from regularly scheduled preservation upkeep and maintenance. 

Your gift to the Neon Museum’s Sign Conservation Fund will help maintain the Neon Boneyard collection for a world of future generations. 

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For more information about the Neon Museum Sign Conservation Fund, please contact the Development Office at 702-387-6366 ext. 109 or Brenda Bogue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Neon Museum is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office as a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization (Fed Tax ID #88-0383932).  Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for tax purposes.