Conservation Notes

Firm develops treatment to protect signs

Las Vegas weather can be tough on our outdoor collection; the lack of rain allows our outdoor museum to exist, grow and thrive, but the intense desert sun and wind wreak havoc on paint and glass. 

One of the challenges we face is maintaining the integrity of the signs; we don’t want to alter the color or condition of the paint or metal. To better protect our signs, the Neon Museum has been working with Belfor Property Restoration to develop a treatment that will prevent wind and sun damage. 

After working on one of our signs in their Fort Worth, Texas, plant, Belfor successfully developed a treatment that maintains the sign in its current condition. We are working with Belfor to apply the same treatment to all of the signs in our collection, making it possible for visitors to enjoy them for many years to come. Belfor’s U.S. headquarters are at Birmingham, Michigan, with operations in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe.