CEO Message

robmccoyExpansion of the museum on all levels is continuing at a breakneck pace as we focus on the end of our fiscal year June 30.

Following our highly successful January opening of the museum store expansion, we began planning the development of our newest property next to the visitors’ center. The approximately ¼-acre, which sits right on Las Vegas Boulevard, will house an additional 30-40 sign artifacts that heretofore have not been on public display.

It also will contain a special events area with shade cover for gatherings of up to 200 people. This will allow us to hold events without having to close tours in the main Boneyard.

LASTreetMarketDue to public demand for additional Boneyard tours, we also have launched a new spring schedule of 24 tours a day, compared to the previous 18 per day. And, thinking ahead, we are diligently working on creative ways to increase the schedule for summer tours, especially after dark, beginning in late May. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Finally, our first-ever Boneyard Ball gala included a “dough for glow” component that allowed us to raise enough funds for the restoration of two additional signs in our collection. The Yucca Motel and Steiner Cleaners signs will be restored, relit and placed back inside the Boneyard just in time for our expanded summer schedule.

Thanks to patrons like you, the Crown Jewel of Las Vegas continues to shine brightly.

Rob McCoy