happyshirtBoneyard Ball, Nevada’s Big Give = big sign changes

The Collections Department is really busy these days thanks to incredibly generous donors at the Boneyard Ball and Nevada's Big Give earlier this year. We raised funds to restore the Happy Shirt, Yucca Motel and Margarita Baby signs. Soon the back end of the Neon Boneyard will be transformed by beautifully-restored neon lights.

This restoration project features an important difference compared to past projects: the neon and bulbs will be restored on both the Yucca and Margarita Baby, but the signs will not be repainted. Instead, we will apply a treatment to the cabinets to help prevent further sun and wind damage.

yuccaWe're also excited to be moving signs out of storage to install in the newly acquired space next to the La Concha along Las Vegas Boulevard. Keep an eye out for signs that have been out of sight for a while, including pieces from the Del Mar, Riviera, Las Vegas Club, Sahara Saloon and Spearmint Rhino.