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Discover Las Vegas’ history where nomadic Indigenous peoples traveled across the dusty Mojave Desert to its humble beginnings as a railroad stop through the troubled history of the Mob and segregation, to the evolution of the city to its present-day reign as “The Entertainment Capital of the World.”

This tour uncovers not only the history of Las Vegas but the Neon Boneyard space's curation in 2012.

50997666481 8781776ed3 kThrough the neon signs glowing in the night, learn of the inception of the Strip and Downtown.  Explore their history through the neon signs glowing on the properities of Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip. Take a trip in time by walking through the boneyard to discover the different eras of Las Vegas like the family friendly era through the skull of Treasure Island or the atomic testing era through the Stardust sign. You may also learn of the historically significance Las Vegas had during the Civil Rights Movement era, with the 1st racially integrated casino in the country, the Moulin Rouge.

Learn about the prolific designers of Las Vegas such as Betty Willis, who designed City Center Motel and Moulin Rouge; and Kermit Wayne, who designed the Stardust and the Golden Nugget.

The Neon Boneyard also now includes the new Palms Sign that is the 1st property in Las Vegas to be fulling owned and operated by a Native American tribe.

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