Be one of the first to see the fabulous Lido de Paris sign come back to life in the Neon Boneyard.  

The sign, which is currently off site for restoration, is returning to the Neon Boneyard for the February 2 evening relighting with a prominent installation near the iconic Stardust sign. The Lido de Paris is our 23rd illuminated piece and helps tell the story of the hotel and casino that hosted the show for so many years, along with the tales of cast and crew of this iconic production, to be told together, highlighting the fascinating history of entertainment in Las Vegas.

The Lido de Paris sign is being restored through a generous gift by Todd VonBastiaans.


                                Lido Vector

Lido02 Lido03 Lido 04
Todd  reviews the color swatches for the Lido de Paris sign restoration A hands-on experience bending neon tubing with the Haurtlauer team. Learning about the Lido de Paris sign's hidden secret.  Come back to hear this amazing story!



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