What a year of we had in 2018 and a glowing affirmation of the Museum’s ongoing contribution to Las Vegas history and preservation. So much so that we had to revamp our exhibit space in the Neon Boneyard.

Fifteen Las Vegas properties donated signs in 2018 with 14 donors adding items to our sign related ephemera collection, research library and art collection. Among the sign donations are the Peppermill, Holiday Motel and Harrah’s.

In the quest to install more restored signs in the Boneyard and to make room for the pending Hard Rock Cafe sign, more than 85 sign pieces had to be moved, some multiple times, to make way for our exciting revamping of the exhibition space. Currently, five signs that were in storage are lit in the Boneyard, with another coming in January.

The five signs to be added to the Boneyard include the Anderson Dairy milkman (known as Andy), the Nevada Motel, Chief Hotel Court, the Red Barn and Dot’s Flowers. The Flame is the pending installation planned for early next year.

Signs are not easy to move and require large equipment to relocate them. For example, the Pat Clark sign weighs almost 3,000 pounds - a ton and a half! It might not seem that big when up in the air, but most of our signs are similar in size and weight.

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