The Neon Museum debuts new 360-degree virtual tour

We are excited to announce that visitors from around the world can visit The Neon Museum from the comfort of their home by accessing our 360 Virtual Tour. This tour allows visitors to “move” freely throughout the Neon Boneyard’s sign collection, exploring more than 130 informational hotspots.

The 360 Virtual Tour launches with an Evening Glow experience as guests tour the museum at night while the signage is illuminated. Once guests enter the museum via the virtual tour, a welcome video provides details and instructions on how to navigate the Neon Boneyard. By clicking the white circles along the museum’s pathways, or by using the arrow keys, guests may freely explore the Boneyard, navigating from sign to sign while enjoying 360-degree vantage points at every stop.

The red, blue and yellow hotspots on the museum signs denote opportunities to learn more, either via pop-up text, photographs or video. By hovering on a red hotspot, guests will open a YouTube video with audio featuring a short Neon Museum Gallery Talk or documentary. Hovering over a blue hotspot allows guests to open a written description that includes either historical information or fun facts. Meanwhile, yellow hotspots allow guests to view historical photos from the museum’s archival collection.

The tour is available for $10 and allows indefinite access to the content via your computer, smartphone or tablet. To preview the tour or purchase, click here.

On the Blog: Lost and Found

While looking back at some of the signs no longer with us, we rediscovered a few Las Vegas icons we only thought were missing.

Some were hiding in plain sight, while others reappeared in unexpected places. Here they are again, once lost and now found.

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