Architect, historian and author Alan Hess took a Neon Museum audience down memory lane in May with a lecture marking the 50th anniversary of the “Learning from Las Vegas” survey. The Learning from Las Vegas survey?

In 1968, three Yale professors – Robert Venturi, Denise ScottBown and Steven Izenour – and their students trekked west to learn about the city. Neon Museum and Hess, in partnership with Nevada Preservation Foundation, reviewed what they learned in 1968, how Las Vegas has evolved and why it is even more important today to the evolution of modern architecture and planning.

Of course, the event was held against a stunning sign-dense backdrop at the Museum’s new Ne10 Studio at 1001 W. Bonanza Road, on the Las Vegas Review-Journal campus.

Venturi authored a book, “Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form” that published in April.

Hess’ books focus on modern architecture and urbanism in the mid-20th Century. Among his subjects: Las Vegas and Palm Springs, Calif. 

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