Photo Shoot or Portrait Hour?

The history of Las Vegas and it's architecture are preserved at the Neon Museum. Learn what photography options we offer our visitors who are looking to use our neon signs as the backdrop or centerpiece of your photo shoot.

As a photographer, finding the perfect spot for your photos can be an arduous task and you may often find yourself returning to the same locations time and again. Whether it’s excellent portraits for your personal creative portfolio or for clients,  The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a wonderful and unique place to add to your list of photography locations.

The historic signs that once lit up Las Vegas are reignited here at night and are stunningly beautiful providing a visually stimulating backdrop for clients who want a retro touch to their photos. Let’s dive deeper into the details and options The Neon Museum offers photographers.

Photography Options: Private Photo Shoots

These sessions are more robust options for those looking to take photos for personal, portfolio, or even commercial use (differing from portrait hour photos, which do not allow commercial or editorial use). Sessions begin at $475 and go up depending on the purpose of the photos and how you plan to use them. 

Photographers can scout our all-outdoor location by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you decide this is the right location for you, fill out an inquiry here. The location can be booked two weeks in advance with no turnaround times shorter than 2 weeks due to the popularity of the venue.

A reservation is required for those who wish to shoot for editorial or commercial use, bring additional camera equipment, record video/audio, or use The Neon Museum collection as a backdrop for posed, directed, portrait or professional photography.

The Neon Boneyard and The North Gallery are both available for reservations. Here’s a few things to remember about photo sessions at the Neon Museum:

  • The golden hour, which is the hour during dawn as the sun rises or the hour during dusk as the sun sets, in the Neon Boneyard must be booked at least 90 days in advance.
  • During a shoot, your photographer may bring any photo or video equipment they like, with the exception of drones.
  • Local residents and members receive discounted rates.

Photography Options: Portrait Hour

Our recently-introduced portrait hour was created for those who are taking personal photos and don’t mind sharing a designated space with others who are doing the same. 

We’ve opened up the option to sign up for pre-scheduled times in the transformative and stunning North Gallery. The cost for portrait hour is $50. Nevada residents, students, active military, veterans and seniors with valid identification pay $35. 

Here’s some things to know about portrait hour:

  • Portrait hour can is perfect for those who would love to have The Neon Museum backdrop, but are looking to keep costs at a minimum.  
  • Book a pre scheduled time that works for you or find more information about portrait hours here.

Here are some popular types of photos that guests usually take here and our recommendation on what booking type would be best for each type.

outdoor event photos

  • Wedding and engagement photos - private shoots or portrait hour
  • Vacation photos - portrait hour
  • Group photos - private shoot
  • Pregnancy announcements - portrait hour 
  • Personal use photos - portrait hour
  • Commercial use photos - private shoot
  • Editorial use photos - private shoot
  • Graduation photos - portrait hour

Photography Options: Photo Walks

Photo walks are available for those who want to capture signs and fixtures in the Neon Museum for personal use. Since The Neon Museum does not allow cameras or tripods during regular visits,  Photo Walks are designed for photographers looking to get the perfect shot.

photo walk aladdin lamp

If you are looking to encapsulate the history of Las Vegas into memories that will last a lifetime, our neon setting is the perfect Vegas venue and one of the most enriching places to visit in Las Vegas. Those who visit the Las Vegas lights at The Neon Museum will leave with a deeper appreciation for the history of the city - and those who choose one of our photography packages will get to carry those memories with them forever.

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