27 of the Best Museums in the U.S.

The Met, the Getty, the Smithsonian, and yes, The Neon Museum - recognized as one of the best museums in the US by Travel + Leisure.

From the Travel + Leisure Article

The Neon Museum — Las Vegas, Nevada

"Love it or loathe it, Las Vegas is an important part of modern-day U.S. culture. And The Neon Museum, which features signs from old casinos, is proof of that."

"A good museum can open your mind and expand your world, unlocking the door to another culture, a piece of ancient history, or a style of art. And what makes the experience so special is that it can often be found in a building down the street or across the state — you don’t have to travel to Spain or France to see the work of Pablo Picasso, or visit Egypt in order to learn about ancient Egyptian history. Some of the world’s best museums are found right here in the United States."

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