Next in our "Why I Give" blog series is Allan Rogers, a member of The Neon Museum since 2016.  Read about Allan's personal connection to the Museum and his love of neon.

Allan Rogers BlogQ & A with Allan Rogers, The Neon Museum Member
Pictured in the Neon Boneyard with his parents.

Q: When/how did you get involved with The Neon Museum?

A: We became members in 2016. We came at first just as visitors but soon realized we wanted to share the museum with our friends and family, so we bought memberships to make that easier.

Q: What attracted you to the museum?

A: My grandfather worked at Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) both in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. My family is in Las Vegas because of the neon signs he made. We wanted to visit his work.

Q: Why do you give to The Neon Museum? What motivates you to stay involved?

A: We joined so that I could share this amazing place with friends and family. As a Vegas history nerd, there's no place in Vegas that tells the story better.

Q: Do you have an anecdote about the museum you would like to share?

A: I've been bringing the children of Dale Rogers (a YESCO employee who passed away in the mid ’70s). I love taking them to the museum and hearing stories of signs they remember their dad forcing them to go see once they were up.

Q:  In your opinion, what is the most important work that The Neon Museum does?

A: The Neon Museum shares the native art form of Las Vegas with visitors. Vegas has been accused of not having much culture, but our culture is inextricably linked to the design of neon signs. The story of the city is elegantly told in these signs.

Q: What do you hope the organization will achieve over the next ten years?

A: I'd love to see more differentiated tours. Some that focus more on the personalities behind the properties represented by the signs, or the different sign companies and the marketing wars that shaped Las Vegas. Other tours could focus on women, minorities, the LGBT community… There's so much content there, and I love how each docent gives their own unique perspective.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy a visit to The Neon Museum?

A: People who enjoy art, design, marketing/advertising, or the stories of this crazy city.

Q: What’s your favorite sign and why?

A: Stardust sign. All my dad’s siblings remember when it was hung up and how they had to sit in their station wagon on the side of Las Vegas Boulevard for what felt like hours, while their dad described what an engineering feat the sign was.

Learn more about the architecture and sign design of the Stardust, and other properties. 


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