Wayne Ivey was drawn to the museum by his love of the history behind the signs and became a member in 2015. He believes the museum is a “must-see” in Las Vegas and enjoys bringing friends and family to experience the iconic signs of Las Vegas’ past.

Ivey headshotQ & A with Wayne Ivey, The Neon Museum Member

Q: When/how did you get involved with The Neon Museum?

 A: My wife and I joined in 2015 after reading an article in a magazine.

Q: What attracted you to the museum?

A: We love the history behind the signs.

Q: Why do you give to The Neon Museum? What motivates you to stay involved?

A: We, as ambassadors of Vegas for our friends and family, like to bring visitors to the museum because we believe it is a must-see of the Vegas experience.

Q: Do you have an anecdote about the museum you would like to share?

A: There isn’t one particular moment, but we have enjoyed several member events with delicious food, artist talks, and also live entertainment. I am a musician myself and play in the band The RumRunners, which was in the Las Vegas Blues Hall of Fame.

Q:  In your opinion, what is the most important work that The Neon Museum does?

A: The museums helps preserve the history of Las Vegas. Things here change so quickly, it's nice to have a freeze frame of all the different eras.

Q: What do you hope the organization will achieve over the next ten years?

A: We would like the museum to be able to refurbish all of the signs so that we can see our glittering history in living color.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy a visit to The Neon Museum?

A: Everyone we know!

Q: What’s your favorite sign and why?

A: My favorite is the Green Shack sign. I'm very impressed by its back story and would love to see it refurbished. My wife Tess's favorite sign is the Stardust. It was her favorite casino, and she misses it. 

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