Why I Give: Eriks Garsvo

 For today’s “Why I Give” member profile, we’d like to introduce you to Eriks Garsvo.  He's been a member of The Neon Museum since 2019.

Why I Give: Ellen Shakespeare

We’re happy to share another “Why I give” member profile today! Here is Ellen Shakespeare, who says she loves feeling like, “part of the process that restores and preserves the visual history of Las Vegas.”

Why I Give: Jolanta Oliver

In today’s #WhyIGiveTNMLV member series, we’re introducing you to Jolanta & Steven Oliver eight year members of The Neon Museum.

Why I Give: Jay Sarno

In today’s #WhyIGiveTNMLV member series, we are highlighting long time member and Las Vegas native, Jay Sarno. 

Why I Give: Ku'uipo Savelio

We’re excited to share our next #WhyIGiveTNMLV profile featuring Ku’uipo Savelio, The Neon Museum member since 2019. 

Why I Give: Scott Rosenzweig

Introducing you to Scott Rosenzweig, The Neon Museum member for today’s #WhyIGiveTNMLV.

Why I Give: Allan Rogers

Next in our "Why I Give" blog series is Allan Rogers, a member of The Neon Museum since 2016.  Read about Allan's personal connection to the Museum and his love of neon.

Why I Give: Richard Hooker

Long-time supporter Richard Hooker kicks off the season's "Why I Give" blog series, featuring members and volunteers of The Neon Museum.

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