Roadside Conveniences No Longer Seen on Signs

Let’s uncover the stories behind some of the inventions that travelers once found so alluring. 

What’s in a Name?

Las Vegas is known for shedding its skin over and over again. Learn about a few properties that have changed their identities more than most.

The Flame: A Vegas Landmark

The Flame sign was recently placed in The Neon Museum's main collection after some time in storage.

The Tale of the Repurposed Sign

They say cats have nine lives and, as it turns out, so do signs. 

Frequently Asked Collections

As the Neon Museum Collections Manager, I am asked many questions about our signs. I hope the following will shed a little light, pun intended, on the Neon Museum’s historic sign collection. 

What is that space?

A closer look inside the Boulevard Gallery.

The Neon Museum’s Ephemera Collection

When most people think of the Neon Museum, the first thing that comes to mind is large neon signs. What you may not know is that the Museum also collects much smaller artifacts related to the commercial signage or branding of the Las Vegas properties represented in the sign collection.

National Artist Residency Deadline Extended

The Neon Museum is happy to announce that it has extended the submissions deadline for the 2019 Artist in Residence program. 

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