The Flamingo Finds Its Feathers: How Raul Rodriguez Created One of Las Vegas' Most Enduring Symbols

Raul Rodriguez (1944-2015) was an acclaimed artist whose talent touched everything from parade floats to hotel-casinos. 

Betty Willis: Neon Sign Artist

In 2017, The Neon Museum presented the small photo exhibit “Betty Willis: Neon Sign Artist” at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada.

Senior Artists Shine at The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum, with generous support from Aroha Philanthropies and Vitality Arts, teamed up with Sprat teaching artists to present the Creative Aging Visual Interpretation workshop series at Ne10 Studio.

Lost Signs of Las Vegas—Part 3

In part three of the Lost Signs of Las Vegas, we take a look at signs from smaller properties that longtime locals and frequent visitors might remember.

Lost Signs of Las Vegas—Part 2

We previously looked back at several Las Vegas icons. Now in part two, we remember some of the quirkiest and unusual signs to ever light the city’s skies. 

How Many of the Signs Light Up?

Visitors often want to know how many of the historic signs at The Neon Museum light up. 

Celebrating Personal Histories: The Neon Museum’s creative aging performance workshops

The combination of creativity and aging is a concept that The Neon Museum has appreciated since the early days of establishing a ‘boneyard’ collection of historic Las Vegas signs. 

Lost Signs of Las Vegas—Part 1

People often ask which signs we wish had been saved. While we prefer that historic signs remain in their original locations for as long as possible, here are a few lost signs of Las Vegas that we wish would have survived one way or another. 

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