See our Boneyard collection either through a one-hour guided tour or through a self-guided tour. Or, see Brilliant! in our North Gallery where signs magically come to life through sight and sound.

In the Boneyard, cameras are not allowed but you may take photos with your phone.  Audio/video recording is not permitted.  We do allow selfie sticks but tripods are not permitted.

We ask all visitors to stay on the tour pathway, behind the stanchions/rock barrier separating visitors from the signs. 

Benches are available throughout the yard if you need to sit and rest; however, please do not stand on them.

To better accommodate our deaf/hard of hearing tour takers, we offer a limited number of printed tour supplements available for check out on a first-come, first-served basis at no additional charge. We also offer sign-language interpretive services with 24-48 hours advance notice. 

In the North Gallery, where you will see Brilliant!, photos and videos are allowed but we ask that our visitors refrain from doing so until the show is over.