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Brilliant! – A Neon Museum Experience
Intelligent. Immersive. Illuminating. It’s Brilliant! And, it’s the latest innovation at the Neon Museum. A state of the art audiovisual immersion that redefines the way we explore the history of Las Vegas. This magical experience, created by noted artist Craig Winslow, transports visitors directly into the history of Las Vegas through sight and 3D sound. Static signs come to life, splashed with iconic Las Vegas images and accompanied by the soundtrack of some of the greatest musical performers in history.

The Artist
Craig Winslow is an experiential designer who loves blending the physical and digital. From his studio in Portland, Oregon, Winslow is part of a new wave of American artists combining technology with traditional artistic elements in immersive settings. Last year he was awarded an Adobe Creative Residency to create his latest project, Light Capsules, which inspired the concept for his new venture, Brilliant, with The Neon Museum. Craig’s work has been featured in FastCo Design magazine, Gizmodo, The Great Discontent, and more.


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Tickets: $15 - locals, seniors, students, military

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