Artist in Residence

The Neon Museum Artist Residencies (AIR) are designed to expand the interpretive potential of the collection while providing artists the opportunity to create new work in an unconventional setting. Each residency is accompanied by programming to engage the community and museum visitors, providing exposure to new artists and a fresh perspective on the collection.

WhitneyLynnArtWhitney Lynn studio

Currently, the Neon Museum hosts an Artist Residency, welcoming artists or a group of artists to create new work engaging patrons of all ages; the Performing Artist Residency, welcoming artists working in the performing artists to create and perform work within and/or about the collection; and the National Artist Residency welcoming artists or a group of artists working in the fields of visual or performing arts to reside in Las Vegas, Nevada for four weeks to engage the community by creating an exhibition of work and conducting an open house.

The following is provided to artists invited to participate in the Museum’s AIR Program:

Support for the implementation of public programs in conjunction with the AIR; support with development of programs where necessary.

Access to onsite collection and archives where appropriate. 

Curatorial support as needed. 

Marketing and publicity.



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