School Tours

Education programming at the Neon Museum includes guided Museum tours for students in grades 3 through 12.

Scavenger Hunt Sheet

For a Neon Boneyard tour scavenger hunt sheet, click here.

Las Vegas Neon: The Growth & Glamour of a 20th Century American City History/Grade 4 Unit Plan

Click here for the Neon Museum’s standards based 4th grade history unit plan that provides teachers with historical background, context, and activities for students. Comprised of lessons that span the history of Las Vegas from 1905 to the 1960s, as told through historic signs from our collection, components of the unit can be implemented as separate lessons, and may be easily scaled up or down in complexity. The plan was developed to celebrate Nevada’s Sesquicentennial and includes educator resources, links, and a select bibliography.

Pre- and Post-Visit Activities

For K-12 classrooms. Click here for activities to enhance a visit to the Neon Museum, focused on sign science and technology.

Shape Shack

For elementary classrooms. Click here for a Math (geometry) activity aligned to standards.

Mid-Mod Road Trip Brochure

For elementary and middle school classrooms. Click here for an English/Language Arts activity aligned to standards.

Noble Neon

For middle school/high school classrooms. Click here for a Physical Science/Engineering/Technology activity aligned to standards.

Computational Creations: How Do Artists Use Measurements, Shapes, and Other Math Ideas to Create Beautiful Works of Art? Math/Grade 2-3 Lesson Plan

Math concepts taught through a “papel picado” art project, featuring a pattern inspired by the Neon Museum’s fabulous Flamingo sign. Using measurements and problem solving skills, students brainstorm and track their ideas and plans in their “Artist’s Notebook,” revising and reworking their project until they achieve expert understanding. Addresses Next Generation Science Standards.

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Skyline by Design: How Volume and 3D Shapes Las Vegas Architecture Math/Grade 5 Lesson Plan

Through the creation of a 3D model, students learn to calculate square footage and volume for their own Las Vegas Strip hotel, and apply these math skills to real world architectural, engineering and construction applications. Using their “Architect’s Notebook,” students brainstorm, test and revise their plans. Addresses Next Generation Science Standards.

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