As our “Why I Give” member series continues, we’d like to introduce you to Cheryl Abbot. Although she lives in Illinois, she visits Las Vegas and The Neon Museum many times a year.

Abbott and Spomar TNM SignQ & A with Cheryl Abbott, The Neon Museum Member
Pictured here with husband Eric Spomar.

Q: When/how did you get involved with The Neon Museum?

A: When the Tim Burton exhibit was announced I thought the best way to guarantee us tickets was to join. Although we live in Illinois, we come to Vegas around four times a year. We decided to renew our membership after that.

Q: What attracted you to the museum?

A: We read an article about the Neon Boneyard, and it peaked our interest. When we first visited, it was located across the street and had a few signs, some lit up behind fencing. Then, it was a bunch of signs outside just piled up with no organization. After the museum opened, we would visit every couple years. Since becoming a member, we try to stop by at least once or twice a year when in town.

Q: Why do you give to The Neon Museum? What motivates you to stay involved?

A: We continue to renew our membership because we feel it’s a good investment to help preserve the neon signs and their history. It also gives us an excuse to just stop in and see what’s new.

Q: Do you have an anecdote about the museum you would like to share?

A: Just this past March we were invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of the NE10 Studio, and it was very enjoyable! I noticed a few of the signs inside the studio were originally outside at the Neon Boneyard before the museum opened. It was so interesting to see and hear what goes on to acquiring and restoring signs. 

Q:  In your opinion, what is the most important work that The Neon Museum does?

A: Sign preservation and sharing the history of old Las Vegas and its neon signs.

Q: What do you hope the organization will achieve over the next ten years?

A: We hope they are able to expand and get the funding needed to have more of the old signs working again.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy a visit to The Neon Museum?

A: The Neon Museum has something for everyone. It’s definitely worth a visit when you come to town.  It’s interesting to see how much Las Vegas has changed…

Q: What’s your favorite sign and why?

A: My favorite sign is the Stardust because it was my mom’s favorite casino. I have so many memories of my mom winning because she kept going back to the same machines. She kept track of the wining machines and their locations and would look for them again and again. I'm dead serious! I also like the Color TV sign, as it reminds me of childhood family vacations driving to destinations in the 1970’s. Eric’s favorite sign is Steiner Cleaners (the “Happy Shirt” sign) because he owns a laundry and dry cleaners.

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